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Taqwa Institute offers a variety of programs for all age groups and exposure levels. These programs include Islamic Education as well as Qur`anic recitation.

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Individuals who wish to benefit are welcome to sit in in any class. For serious students, they must enroll and pay the fees if they are able to.
All classes for the ABC program are recorded and uploaded online. Other programs, like the HAFS program, have a partial online component. Depending on the program, it is possible to gain access outside of the class.

Membership & General Info

Certainly! Feel free to partake in any classes or events hosted by the Taqwa Institute.
A membership is sufficient for one household. Outside of the immediate family within the home, a separate membership is required.
We will always be accommodating to students as per circumstances. All reverts and non-Muslims always study free at Taqwa Institute.
Each course is determined by approximately a day or two of minimum wage work. Currently, courses costs $85 with all subsequent after the first courses resulting in discounts.

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