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Syed Hassan

Founder, Director and Lead Instructor at The Taqwā Institute

Vice-Principal, Curriculum Lead and Teacher at Al-Manārat Heights Islāmic School
Head of Operations at Bukhārī Academy

H.A.F.S. Teacher
Ashara As-Sughra Teacher

Ustādh Ḥasan is a student of the sacred sciences of Islām. He was raised in Toronto, Canada. Since 2010 he has spent his time gravitating the community (especially the youth) towards a deeper understanding of the Qur`ānic paradigm, the sunnah based lifestyle and practical spirituality.

Past Studies

  • Received ijazāt (scholarly certification and permission to teach) in the fields of:
    • Tajwīd  and Qira`āt (Qur’anic recitation)
      • Ijāzah in Ḥafṣ – with Sh. ‘Uthmān Khān, Sh. Gelāl al-Behwashy al-Azhari & Sh. Nūr al-Ṣādiq
      • Ijāzah in al-‘Asharah al-Ṣughrā – with Sh. ‘Uthmān Khān and Qārī Farḥān Khān
    • Aqīdah (theology and heresiology)
    • Ḥadīth (sciences of the prophetic narrations and their meanings)
    • Tafsīr (explanation and deeper insights into the Qur`ān)
  • Studied and graduated with distinction in the basic Islamic Sciences of Tajwīd (rules of Qur`ānic recitation) , Lughā(Arabic language), Tafsīr (sciences of the Qur’an and its exegesis), Ḥadīth (sciences of the prophetic narrations and their meanings), Aqīdah (theology and heresiology) and Taṣawwuf (Islamic spirituality rooted in the sacred texts) with Shaykh Nūr aṣ-Ṣādiq
  • Received the following Diplomas via the Cambridge Islamic Collage under the supervision and tutelage of Shaykh Muhammad Akram Nadwī:
    • Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies
    • Diploma in Classical Islamic Texts
    • Diploma in Islamic Spiritual Texts
  • Also finished a Diploma in History of female scholarship in Islam, Sūrat al-Baqarah, Sūrat al-Nūr, Juzz ‘Amma and Sīrah from the Cambridge Islamic College with Akram Nadwī
  • Completed the Community leader (Imāmah) course offered by Mathābah Institute under ‘Omar Subedār’s training
  • Participated in all major courses offered by Jazriyyah Institute under the tutelage of the renowned Qārī , teacher and researcher, ‘Uthmān Khān
  • Completed the Foundational Arabic Curriculum designed by Mufti Yūsuf Mullan via the Sharī’ah Program
  • A graduate of the Bayyinah Access Program in Qur`ānic Arabic designed by Ustādh Nu’mān ‘Ali Khan and taught by Ustādh ‘Ārij Anwar
  • Traveled to several cities in the west to learn from visiting scholars of the religion
  • Participated in many knowledge retreatsworkshops and classes offered in and around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
  • A distant student at the annual Riḥlah conducted by Dīn-Intensive for many years learning under Ḥamzah Yūsuf, Dr. ‘Umar Farūq, Imām Zayd Shākir and others
  • Was a frequent student at the annual ‘IlmSummit organized by Al-Maghrib Institute studying under Yāsir Qādhi, Sh. Walīd Basyūnī, Sh. ‘Uthmān Khān, Sh. ‘Abdul Nāsir Jangda and several other scholars

Current Studies

  • Student at the Mathābah Institute studying the ‘Ālimiyyah program (higher Islamic studies) under Shaykh ‘Omar Subedār
  • Teacher’s assistant and researcher for the spiritual nourishment program organized by Bukhari Academy

Ustādh Hassan completed his High school Diploma in Etobicoke, Canada and then studied Theoretical Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. His love of the field of psychology led him to pursue a major in Psychology at York University. In 2014 he graduated with distinction from the honors program focusing his research and his thesis on memory and contentment. Since 2012 he has served as an imam, guidance counselor and lecturer at Masjid Raḥmah in Mississauga, Canada. He also served as the youth director at the Brampton Towers Muṣallā from 2012-2014. Additionally, he served at the Al-Manarat Academy weekend school where he taught the senior students from 2013-2014.

He is currently:

  • A visiting Imām leading the Friday prayers at:
    • 1st Friday – York University
    • 2nd Friday – The Living Arts Centre
    • 3rd Friday – Masjid Raḥmatal lil ‘Ālamīn
    • 4th Friday – University of Toronto – Mississauga Campus
    • 5th Friday – Al-Manārat Heights Islamic School
  • The founder, director and lead instructor at the Taqwā Institute where he teaches
    • ABC – Academic Bare-Essential Certification Program – A four year part-time diploma level course on the orientation and deep study of Islām
    • SAPP – Senior Academic Protégé Program – A four year part-time youth program to orient them in academics, religiosity and ethics
    • JAPP – Junior Academic Protégé Program – A four year part-time children’s program designed to develop essential study and life skills
    • HAFS – Hafs Accuracy and Fluency Studies – One or Two year Shahādah and Ijāzah level studies in Qur’anic recitation
    • QARI – Qur`anic ‘Asharah Recitation Initiation –Two year Shahādah and Ijāzah level studies in becoming a master Qārī.
  • Vice-Principal, curriculum designer and teacher at Al-Manārat Heights private school
  • Head of operations for Bukhārī Academy
  • He also serves as a tutor teaching Calculus, Functions and Physics for senior High School and Freshmen University students

He is currently continuing his research in Educational Psychology and Client-Centered therapy at the graduate level. He resides in Brampton, Canada and can be found frequenting the local gym and basketball and tennis courts

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